Friday, August 24, 2007

Pufftube - A Harry Smith film soundtrack, 5.7.98 (unreleased)

This recording is of a live accompaniment to some of Harry Smith's early animated works ( more on Harry Smith and his films here). DJ Spooky and the Scott Davis Trio also provided soundtracks to this event that took place on May 7, 1998 at the Cleveland Public Theatre in Cleveland, Ohio. Scott Pickering has been working as Pufftube for well over 20 years. Occasionally working with collaborators, most frequently his brother Keith, this performance line-up was Scott Pickering, Keith Pickering, Jim Donadio and Dave Cintron. All were also involved at the time in the band Speaker/Cranker. This documents 1 of only 3 live appearances ever made by the extremely reclusive Pufftube.


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Friday, August 10, 2007

Terminal Lovers - Evening's Lip CDr 2005

This super limited CD-R (15 copies) was an Unfortunate Miracle Records give away with the first 15 orders of the Terminal Lovers - Sacred and The Man 7" vinyl. It consisted of one track, Evening's Lip (11:37).

To give this a bit of context: Shortly after the release of the Drama Pit and Loan LP, Terminal Lovers started shifting more frequently towards experimental paths. The line-up fluctuated from week to week at these, largely unreleased, 2004-2005 basement sessions. Track personnel: Cintron (guitar, perc.) Scott Pickering (perc.), Chris Smith (guitar). Regarding these collaborators: Scott creates very tweeked sounds as Pufftube, and Chris works solo as Mammoth.

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