Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Theodore Vril - Ghost Talk (2007, unreleased)

Theodore Vril is the moniker that guitarist/songwriter/artist Ted Flynn has performed under for several years. His songs typically have a traditionial folk blues structure, but along with this structure comes some rather cosmic and experimental leanings. In a live setting Theodore Vril is often presented solo, guitar and voice, but also sometimes presented as a fully amped and blown out band, and that's what we have here. This past year I've played bass for the handful of shows that Ted decided to channel in that way. The current live trio also includes Scott Pickering on drums. This unreleased album documents a short inspired set spontaneously torn open by the ghosts that fueled the songs. Sometimes it happens that way. Recorded live at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Cleveland on August 25, 2007.


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